Inspired by the generous proposal of the artist Sarah Mandres to sell a piece to collect funds for our Club, we came up with the idea: Creating an online exhibition with 30 artists that we feel are in one way or another related to De Gudde Wëllen (some are friends, other have contributed to shaping the Club over the years, others are concert or party regulars), and providing a platform for them to sell their art while additionally raising funds for the club.

A win for the arts enthusiast, who gets to have a look at 57 different pieces – a win for the arts collector who broadens his collection with a piece acquired during these memorable times – a win for the artists out of which some are battling the Covid19 crisis related austerity – and a win for the club which, by taking a share from the final raised amounts, will be able to cover some of its running costs.

Since the purpose of this exhibition is to raise funds for cultural actors in need, all bids are morally binding.

Here’s how it works for you:

By bidding on a listed piece of art, you notify us of the price you have agreed to purchase it for. If on June 5th 2020, at 20:00, your bid is the highest, you will be entitled to purchase the art piece from the artist.


Login or create your account
You will receive a mail with the password you need to complete your registration.


Browse through the 57 listed art pieces and make your choice(s), before placing your bid. You will receive a confirmation for your bid, and you will be notified in case somebody else outbids you. You will be able to bid again.


When the sales reaches its end and you are the highest bidder on June 5th 2020, at 20:00, you will be asked to proceed to the checkout and to pay, or by credit card, or by bank transfer.

We will be inviting the artists and the purchasers to a private ‘pick-up & crémant’ event at De Gudde Wëllen (artists & collectors only).  In case you can’t make it, we’ll happily deliver it to your place if you live in Luxembourg, or ship it to you if you live abroad.

In case of questions, feel free to get in touch with us by sending a mail to expo@deguddewellen.lu

Collect art. Support the artist. Support the club.

All pieces are unique, signed or numbered.

By taking part in this auction, not only will you be adding a memorable piece to your collection, but you will be helping the artist as well as the club getting through these dire times.

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