Gilles Pegel II

Gilles Pegel II

Auction ended.

Gilles Pegel

markenzeichen, 2015


Acryl & vinyl paint on canvas

100 × 160 cm

Starting price: 1200,00 € hors tva


A few words about Gilles:

“[…]Beneath its claimed and displayed simplicity, the artist’s research is far-reaching, and his work careful. Gilles perverts by touch. He works, he sets aside, he re-uses. He lets time work for him and the interval happens naturally. His objects and his obsessions shift and take on meaning with every new context, in a kind of readymade in stages, whose object is its own objects.“

extract from: François Doneux “On the Movements and Habits"

Photo: Tim Lecomte

ARTIST Gilles Pegel

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