Gilles Pegel I

Gilles Pegel I

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Gilles Pegel

endangered, 2012


vintage chalk, alder wood box, glass, foam, needles, spray-paint

35 × 25 × 6 cm

The pace of technology drastically changes the way we interact with the world and results in an unending questioning of our proper beliefs and knowledge. Old values, those ephemeral chalkdrawings that once teached us how to see and think. Unlike their short-lived traces, the used chalks themselves, in their fortuitous shapes, are preserved as a historic witnesses.

Starting price : 600,00 € hors tva


A few words about Gilles:

“[…]Beneath its claimed and displayed simplicity, the artist’s research is far-reaching, and his work careful. Gilles perverts by touch. He works, he sets aside, he re-uses. He lets time work for him and the interval happens naturally. His objects and his obsessions shift and take on meaning with every new context, in a kind of readymade in stages, whose object is its own objects.“

extract from: François Doneux “On the Movements and Habits"

© Photo: Yves Stephany

ARTIST Gilles Pegel

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