Julien Hübsch

Julien Hübsch

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Julien Hübsch



media/info: acrylic markers on screenprint on paper / 30x21cm / made in 2019

signed and numbered 1/1 

this is part of a series of 4 individual reworks, all markers on screenprint, A4. The other 3 works can be seen on my instagram @julienhubsch

Starting price 200,00 € - collection value 300,00 €


A few words about Julien:

Julien Hübsch is a 25 year old artist from Luxembourg, based in Mainz Germany. After leaving his figurative, post-expressionist past behind, his work now focusses on an abstract language through which he speaks in post-vandalism objects, that have an urban home, somewhere between painting, sculpture and environment. Julien Hübsch is studying in Shannon Bool's "expanded painting" class in Mainz.

email: jhimagination@yahoo.de

instagram: @julienhubsch


ARTIST Julien Hübsch
STYLE Acrylic Painting

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