Mett Hoffmann

Mett Hoffmann

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Mett Hoffmann

Title: Fuck crisis !


So many losses. But many insights and exciting challenges too.

Science, countries, communities, families, 

Has this crisis brought us closer together?

Do we play more? Do we fuck different?

State of crisis won't last.

Like for every crisis there are options of ways out. 

Which path will you choose?


format : 625x500mm

technique : designing, calculating, coloring, sawing, glueing

materials : pine, birch, cork, glue, color, varnish

Starting price 1000,00 € hors tva


A few words about Mett:

As a design enthousiast and close friend of the Gudde Wëllen's founders, I enjoyed elaborating the decoration of this vibrating place by designing the bar's look and lighting. LAMPINIONS. De Gudde Wëllen has not only been our Food For Your Senses headquarter and my personal workplace, but also my favorite place to be when it comes to culture. I'll be thrilled to be back at dGW after this fucking crisis is over.


ARTIST Mett Hoffmann
STYLE Mixed Media

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