Nora Wagner III

Nora Wagner III

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Nora Wagner

Title: Enter The Void


Mixed Media

160 cm x 115 cm


These three paintings are part of the “Wappnen” series, which was elaborated in 2018 in the framework of a poetic installation / performance around the thematic of identity. The work was shown along with a video in the fortress of Ulm, Germany. (

Starting Price 650,00 - Collection value 1300,00


A few words about Nora:

“Be somewhere”, says Nora Wagner in her artist’s statement, and the emphasis is as much on “being”, the embodied, the sensory and intellectual presence, as on the places or spaces that she invests with her work. Site and context, or, in one word, situation is key to her artistic practice. Not surprisingly, she likes to play and to experiment with what she finds along the way. Every stick and every stone, every object, big or small, and every human encounter is an invitation to act and to re-act. 

And so, “somewhere” can be anywhere. The places that Nora Wagner inhabits with her installations and performances are varied and go far beyond the canonic art spaces.

(text taken from the catalogue of Edward Steichen Award)

ARTIST Nora Wagner
STYLE Technique mixte

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