Sarah Mandres

Sarah Mandres

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Sarah Mandres



Acrylic on Spray Paint


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A few words about Sarah:

Sarah Mandres, born on June 17th 1988 in Luxembourg, has been enthusiastic about painting and handicrafts ever since her childhood. Her grand-mother, whose father was an established artist in Luxembourg, planted the creative seed into her head by teaching her various creative techniques and processes at a very young age from which her skills and love to the craftmanship eventually flourished.

Until her early 30s, the young artist occasionally painted and drew. In 2019 she found great pleasure in art again and decided to build her own studio in her apartment in Esch-sur-Alzette. Since then she has been working alongside her job as a social worker whenever she finds the time.

In early 2020 she had her first group exhibition in the open space of „Château de Bourglinster“. 

Sarah mainly works with various acrylic techniques, where for the most part controlled randomness has priority. In her work, it is important to her to let the feelings she carries flow on the canvas.


ARTIST Sarah Mandres
STYLE Acrylic Painting

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