Trixi Weis I

Trixi Weis I

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Trixi Weis



Luxembourgish banknotes of hundred francs (before the change to euros in january 2002)

The work was created for a group show entitled Mytholgy. It was shown in Luxembourg at Mikado Gallery and in the Gallery of the Pinacothèque in Athens in 2001. The main content of the work is ‘money can not buy happiness’. It is a cornucopia but it doesn’t contain anything, the empty inside is like a spiral leading to a black hole, a connotation to the high rate of suicides in Luxembourg. The sculpture was a modell for a
monumental work (3,10 x 2,20 x 2,20 m) with the aim to get the physical impression of the black tunnel but unfortunately no sponsoring bank was found.

wire, thread, paint -  31 x 22 x 22 cm


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A few words about Trixi:

Trixi Weis was born in Luxembourg in 1967. She studied sculpture in Brussels and multimedia technics in Prague till 1997.  Since then she lives in Luxembourg and she works with different medias as sculpture, installation, drawing, performance and video. She took part in artist residencies in France, Germany, Hungary, Holland and Japan. She’s as well active as a set designer for theater and dance. Currently she’s creating monumental works for public spaces. Her work is part of luxembourgish public collections.


ARTIST Trixi Weis
STYLE Technique mixte

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